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Window Locks Altrincham

When it comes to window locks for your home, there are several different options. These include ERA (Easy by Design), Double Cam, Window Restrictor, and Secured By Design. Having a clear understanding of these locks is vital to making the best choice for your home. These options are all designed to safeguard your home from burglars.


ERA window locks are one of the most renowned brands in security in the UK. They offer various types of locking systems, from simple Espagnolette bars, to more sophisticated shootbolt locks. ERA has made sure that their products are secure by testing their window locks using the same parameters. The company is also certified by the UKAS to ensure their products are safe.

The Double Cam window lock is one of the newest products by ERA. It is a truly unique lock with a super keep and unidirectional double locking cams, patio doors Altrincham making it an ideal fit for the majority of wooden casement windows. This window lock is easy to install on windows and takes only a few minutes to install. It also features an anti-jemmy pin to ensure an even alignment of the bars during manufacturing.

The ERA Window Snap Lock is another option. It is a convenient and secure locking system that can be installed to nearly any kind of window. It locks when the window is closed and requires the use of a key to unlock. This product is compatible with both metal and wooden casement windows. It is made from coated steel. It is designed to last for years of use. It is part of the ERA’s complete range of casement window security solutions.

Double Cam

Double Cam window locks are a simple and reliable security solution for your windows. This lock is easy to install and has passed the PAS 24 testing. The bar is fitted with double locking cams measuring 8mm that can be adjusted on site. It also has a central anti-lift pin that prevents jemmying attacks on your windows. It is possible to install three sets of double locking cams that run the full length of your windows. Another advantage of this lock is that it features an underbelly made of composite Doors Altrincham that provides added strength.

These window locks are designed to secure windows and are available in different finishes. These locks can be put in on double or single-hung windows. The unique cam-action latching mechanism secures the two parts when they close. The window sash is locked until the key is used to unlock it.

Window Restrictor

Window restrictors can be a great way to stop children from climbing out of windows. Window restrictors that are child-proof are available for all types of windows. These products are also great for fire escapes. Some products are made from stormproof materials to guard against hail, rain and winds, and rain.

uPVC Windows Altrincham offers a variety of solutions to these problems. They offer high-quality products and services at reasonable costs. These products are covered by insurance and provide security and Composite Doors Altrincham ease of use. They also protect your home from vandals and burglars and are designed to stop forced entry.

Secured by Design

The Secured by Design standard is an a great option to ensure your home is secure from burglars. The high-end, police-backed security features of these locks make burglars less likely to target your home. These locks can be set at the time of construction or renovation to homes. They are also durable and offer security.

While the specifications may differ from one product to the next, Composite Doors Altrincham they must all conform with PAS24 , the minimum standard set in Building Regulations for new houses. This standard includes testing for manipulation and impact resistance. The window locks are in line with these standards and are able to endure a variety of impacts.

Secured by Design products are certified by the British police. The initiative was established in 1989 to improve the security of homes and buildings. This was the result of the housing boomthat resulted in homes being constructed cheaply and swiftly with no concern for security. The housing boom caused an increase in crime and police decided that they would tackle the issue. The program is focused on home and building security by promoting secure homes and products. This is carried out locally. The scheme provides security tips and products that are regularly developed.

Another type of Secured by Design window lock is the Stock Lock. This lock is designed to be installed in sash windows that slide vertically. It works well with wood, uPVC, and aluminium frames, and it is designed to offer superior security. Its handle and lock mechanism make it easy to lock and unlock your windows.

Sliding window locks

If you are looking for window locks for sliding windows, look for uPVC windows in Altrincham. The company has been providing satisfaction to their customers for more than two decades. They provide a variety of locks and handles that offer security and security to homeowners and tenants. The company also provides a hassle-free installation process.

Sliding window locks are cheap locks that can stop a window from being open more than it needs to. You can buy them at your local hardware store. They are also portable, meaning that you can move them from one window to another. They’re not compatible with all kinds of windows. They’re best suited for double-hung and single-hung windows. But, they won’t work with windows with casement design.

When selecting window locks, consider the security and safety features. Grade 1 locks provide the highest security. But be sure to choose one that meets the requirements of your insurance company. Grade two locks provide intermediate security while grade three locks provide basic security. They are also the most affordable. Grade 3 locks can be used in conjunction with stronger locks to ensure your home is secured. Do not be tempted to buy cheap locks. They might not be suitable for your windows or improperly installed.

Sliding window locks come with two types – lever and thumbscrew. The lever lock is positioned on the sash and is able to be secured with keys and the thumbscrew type is mounted over the sash on the frame of the window. It has a movable pin that prevents the window from fully opening.

Rekeying keys

Window locks Altrincham key-rekeying provides a means to protect your keys. This process requires that the locks be dismantled to replace the keys with more modern ones. Each lock has pins that have different heights. It is crucial to match the pins with the new key grooves. This service is great for homeowners who want to have a single key for all locks. It will help them save time looking for the key and will also lessen the amount of clutter on their key rings.

Rekeying can also be an excellent option if are looking to improve the security of your building. It is possible to upgrade the locks to match a new security system or a new style. It is possible to rekey the locks for a cheaper alternative to replacing them. You’ll save money and the cost of key pins will be lower than buying new ones.

A single lock can be changed for between $12 and $25. It’s also possible to do it yourself if lost the keys to your windows or doors. Rekeying kits let you to change the key in a few minutes. You can purchase the kit at a hardware store. You can also order one from a manufacturer of locks or from major online retailers.