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Tom Ford’s fragrances make the perfect aftershave for men. The top notes of this scent are derived out of Tonka beans, creating the scent of a fluffy, powdery fragrance. The scent itself is similar to an heliotrope, with a hint of bitterness. It’s perfect for men who prefer more than a simple scent.

Tobacco Vanille

If you’re thinking of purchasing the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille after shaving product, now is the time. The scent was launched in 2007 and is thought to be unisex. As a fashion-conscious designer, Tom Ford has long sold clothes, accessories and cosmetics. He also attempted filmmaking and received favorable reviews for his films. This is a great opportunity to purchase a bottle of the most popular scent for less than the cost.

Tobacco Vanille is one of the most popular aftershave fragrances available today. The perfume has a smoky and sweet aural with tobacco leaf notes at the top. The middle phase contains an enveloping blend of rich vanilla and tonka beans along with mellow, aged tobacco and a woody base. This makes for a sophisticated scent. Tobacco Vanille is a great choice for men who want a classic, smoky scent but also want an exciting, fresh scent that is suitable for the modern man.

Neroli Portofino

Neroli Portofino aftershave fragrance is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a scent that is a bit citrus. The white floral scent is light to moderate in its projection but not too heavy, either. The scent remains close to the skin after application, giving you an overall feeling of cleanliness. The sleek design of the bottle and subtle shimmer make it the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.

To wear this cologne, you’ll want to spritz it on your wrists for refreshing aroma. Tom Ford adores the Mediterranean coast, and Neroli Portofino brings that same feeling. It is ideal for hot summer days and breezy day, and it will last long in the air. It is also one of the most popular neroli colognes.

Citrus Neroli which is the main ingredient in this perfume, brings the freshness and cleanness. This fragrant citrus is combined with lavender, musk and private blend Tom ford amber to create an amazing scent. A blend of amber and citrus notes, Neroli Portofino embodies the elegant, jet-set style of the Italian Riviera. The unique blend of notes in the perfume emits a the scent of a rich, fruity fragrance.

Tobacco Oud

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is an Woody Spicy fragrance that was released in 2013. Olivier Gillotin created it and it has a top note of whiskey. Its middle notes are Spicy Notes and Cinnamon. It leaves you wanting more. Tobacco Oud aftershave has the perfect mix of spice, woodiness.

This masculine scent has been a favorite for many years. The tobacco-oid blend combines an intriguing oud scent and an exquisite tobacco scent. This perfume is a blend of traditional Arabic tobacco scent and dokha which is a mixture of herbs infused into it. It has a strong tobacco aroma that will linger with you.

Tobacco Oud Fleur

The scent of tom ford parfum Ford Tobacco Oud Fleur is similar to Playing with the Devil, but with an earthy, more musky twist. A spicy, woody base with a hint spice and sweet powder adds intrigue to this aftershave scent. Men who are awed by the sensual woodiness of Tom Ford Tobacco will love this one, Private blend tom ford too.

The scent is reminiscent of the soft and sultry woody base, accompanied by a delicate private blend tom ford of spiced vanilla and delicate rose petals. The scent isn’t apparent until the third or fourth time you apply it. This is the reason it’s so appealing and hard to resist while at the same time. It’s also not a heavy, overpowering fragrance, tom ford oud wood 100ml as the scent fades after a short period of application.

The sexy tobacco scent of the Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is like the classic scent that was released in the beginning. It is appealing to men of all ages due to its striking sillage. It smells fantastic and is very enjoyable. It’s not as distinctive as its predecessors, Sahara Noir or Tobacco Vanille. Oud Fleur is an alternative that is more appealing.

Tobacco Oud has a darker woody undertone compared to Tobacco Fleur. It is more amber and tom ford aftershave sale spiced and has a moderately lasting effect. This tom ford oud wood private blend Ford Tobacco Oud Flaeur aftershave sale is the perfect opportunity to buy this highly rated scent. It’s a purchase you won’t regret. You’ve come to the right place in search of a great perfume to wear throughout the day.

Tobacco Oud Wood

For those who are looking for the ideal scent, consider the Tobacco Oud aftershave. It’s part of the Oud Collection, and was developed by the same perfumer who created Vanilla Tobacco. It was inspired by dokha which is a traditional mix of flowers, herbs, and spices. This fragrance is for you If you enjoy the sweet, heady scent.

The Tobacco Vanille is warm, iconic, and has a strong resemblance to English Gentleman’s Club. It is a classic due to its rich vanilla notes tobacco flower and rich spices. This scent is a classic that is only getting better with time. It’s not a scent to be worried about but it is full of potential to steal your heart. Lost Cherry is a scent that is more controversial and costs $1,495.