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The doors Aldridge are available in a range of finishes, including Matt Denim and Dove Grey. This new collection of doors is also available for top hung cabinetry. These aluminium doors Aldridge are extremely popular and will completely change the look of any kitchen. You can learn more about these doors and other options here.


Created over the course of three decades Over the course of three decades, the Aldridge replacement kitchen door is among the Bella range’s 37 styles. The striking contrast panels give it an unique look and aluminium doors aldridge feel. The Aldridge replacement kitchen door can be purchased in a variety colors. It is not likely to come with any markings due to its dimensions and design.

The Aldridge range of doors comes with rectangular panel doors that come in a variety of heights from 282mm up to 649mm. You can pick between three four, two, or three panel options. This is an extremely popular choice for those who are looking to add a modern flair to their home. The vast selection of sizes means that there is something for everyone’s budget.


There are a wide variety of colors available for doors. The Aldridge range is no different. The range is a mix of sophisticated elegance and traditional appeal. Doors are available in standard sizes as well as custom measurements to fit your kitchen. The range also offers an extensive selection of accessories to complement your look.

The Aldridge range comes in a variety of colors. It also has different panels that give it a unique look. Windsor handles provide a touch of class to the style. It also has Hettich hinges that provide the best fit and adjustability. The Aldridge collection comes with a wide variety of colours that can be suitable for double glazing repairs Aldridge any style, no matter if you are looking for an old-fashioned or modern kitchen.

End panels

End panels for doors are a fantastic way to add a different look to your kitchen. They can be edged to be flush with your doors or further back. The style and design of your end panels can be affected by the other kitchen appliances. Some prefer end panels to be flush with their doors, and others prefer them to be separated.

Decorative end panels can improve the look of your kitchen cabinets and help you create a cohesive look. There are many styles and colors available. However, many homeowners might not know if they require these decorative panels or not. Here are some important things to remember when choosing the appropriate end panel


When it is about Aldridge wardrobe doors, you can pick from a range of options. They are rectangular in design and can be fitted with two, three, or four panels. They are available in both standard and arched styles. It is possible to ask your retailer for more information about these doors.

Plainths are blocks of wood or MDF that are placed just below the baseboard on either side a doorway. They look very similar to classical column supports and are simple to install. They require only cutting the plinth blocks to the correct size and then nail it down. You can also place them directly on top or over existing molding.


Cornices are decorative trim pieces that can be used both inside and outside of buildings. They serve a practical purpose by directing water away from buildings. They are typically made from wood, however other materials are also available. They are more elaborate than crown molding and aluminium doors Aldridge more prominent.

They are like skirting boards on roofs, but serve different roles. They can conceal wall-roof joints or cover the cracks in plasterboard. They also can brighten rooms by reflecting light away from dark corners. Cornices can also help make the room appear bigger by drawing the eye upwards.

Cornices were historically a decorative element that was put on the walls of the outside. However modern cornices can be found inside. They can be elegant and decorative , or plain according to their style. Cornices, similar to crown molding, add class to any design project.

A cornice is an ornamental horizontal molding that sits between the wall and the roof. It can be installed on the outside or inside of a dwelling. Cornice is an Italian word that translates to ledge. They are easy-to-install and don’t require any removal or Aluminium doors Aldridge filing of pumice stones.


If you are looking for an upgrade to your kitchen door, Doors Aldridge are here to help. The replacement kitchen doors are made to measure and come in 32 colors. They feature a timeless Windsor handle to add a bit of colour. They also come with Hettich hinges that ensure the perfect fit and adjustment.